Reject Anti-PBM Reforms That Will Keep Drug Prices High

Big Pharma is the link between patients and high drug prices

Congress is considering several misguided proposals that could put $10 billion a year back in Big Pharma’s pocket while also giving them even greater power to keep drug prices high by inviting anti-competitive collusion on price.

So, why is Congress making it easier for Big Pharma to raise drug prices and boost their own profits at the expense of patients and taxpayers?

Restricting PBM tools will increase – not decrease – drug costs. And now there’s data to prove it. PBM reforms will cost taxpayers, keep drug prices high and offer a massive giveaway to Big Pharma. It’s time to reject proposals that mean big profit windfalls for Big Pharma and higher drug costs for hard-working Americans.

Get the facts

National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper: “Delinking” Proposals that Restrict PBM Incentives to Secure Rx Savings Will Increase Drug Prices and Provide $10B Giveaway for Big Pharma

PCMA Statement on Legislation Introduced in the House of Representatives