A rule proposed by the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) would add $10.18 to prescriptions filled by New Yorkers. This will lead directly to higher costs for patients, employers and unions — and make it more difficult for New Yorkers to safely, affordably and conveniently access the prescription drugs they rely on.

Higher Costs.

The proposed DFS rule would hit prescriptions filled in the state with a $10.18 fee. That added cost will impact patients directly through co-pays, their deductible, higher premiums or all of these. The rule would also ban affordable pharmacy networks that make it easier for New Yorkers to get their prescriptions at a lower price. Pharmacy networks allow patients to have a wide variety of options when it comes to finding the lowest cost for prescriptions and banning these networks would only make these more affordable options inaccessible.

Increased Barriers.

The proposed DFS rule would make home delivery more expensive and harder for New Yorkers to access. Many patients and families across the state rely on home delivery. Some patients are unable to get to their nearest brick-and-mortar pharmacy and need home delivery as an option to conveniently and safely get their medication sent directly to their doors.

Risk Health Benefits.

The proposed DFS rule would prohibit the use of specialty pharmacy safety standards. These specialty pharmacies handle medicines for those with serious health concerns such as HIV, hemophilia, MS and cancer. There are a number of safety and quality requirements currently in place to ensure patients are able to safely acquire their life-saving medicines.

New York families cannot afford to – and shouldn’t have to – pay more for health care or risk losing access to their medications because of DFS’s misguided rule.

New Yorkers need Albany to stop this proposed plan that would only make prescriptions more expensive, undermine patient safety and make it harder for patients to access the medicines they need to manage their health.